Putting your money where your blog is – literally!

The blog Beyond Ramen is putting ‘her money where her blog is’ for the people of Haiti:

I don’t have the kind of traffic that will make a Beyond Ramen “comment for a donation” program much of a fundraiser, but what the heck: for each comment on this post between now and the end of the month I’ll donate $1 to Médecins Sans Frontières, UNICEF, or the Red Cross, as you wish.

Beyond Ramen went on to point readers to the host of other culinary blogs that are lining up to help the people of Haiti:

Here’s some of what the food blogosphere is doing to help those affected by the quake in Haiti, as well as some links if you’d like to make additional donations.

The Pioneer Woman has a twofer going on: not only is she sponsoring a giveaway of two $500 donations to Haiti-related charities, she’s also donating 10 cents for every entry in the giveaway.

Alice at Savory Sweet Life is donating $1 for every comment left on the linked post, up to $1000, through Sunday evening.

Saffron & Blueberry‘s Hilda is donating $10 for every comment on her blog (any post) through January 31.

Thursday Night Smackdown is donating a dollar for every comment left on the linked post through noon EST on Saturday (tomorrow).

Kay at the Keyboard is donating 50 cents for every comment left on the linked post, plus a matching bonus if you’ve already donated independently.

Amy Leavitt is doing a giveaway similar to Pioneer Woman’s; see her page for details.

See the following link for details (good work guys!!):Beyond Ramen Haiti Relief Effort

Additional creative culinary blog fundraisers include:

The Cooking Ninja “Comment To Help Raise Funds
What’s Gaby Cooking “Help For Haiti
Feeding The Saints “Open Hands: Helping Haiti”

Additional ‘bloggers for Haiti’:

*Cafebebe – UK Blog


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