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America’s famous Haitian-Americans! Yes, really!

While I was at the supermarket today, I overheard a couple engaged in a debate whether rapper Wyclef Jean was Haitian. I wanted to tell them that ‘yes, he is Haitian, and guess who else is!’ — but I realized that it would probably take 30 minutes and they would think that I was nuts so I just bought my organic milk and kept moving.

Just in case anybody else asks, here is a small list:

Notable Historical Figures

John James Audubon, naturist
W. E. B. Du Bois, civil rights activist[citation needed]
Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable, founder of the City of Chicago
Pierre Toussaint, Beatified candidate for sainthood in the Roman Catholic Church


Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo America
Ralph Gilles, Automobile designer (Chrysler 300)
Dumarsais Simeus, owner of Simeus Foods


Garcelle Beauvais, model/actress
Bigga Haitian, reggae musician
Black Dada, rapper
Jason Derulo, rapper/singer
Alex Désert, actor
Gary Dourdan, actor/singer
Jamie Hector, actor
Wyclef Jean, rapper/musician/producer, member of The Fugees
Jimmy Jean-Louis, actor
David Jude Jolicoeur, rapper from De La Soul
Kangol Kid, rapper UTFO
Maxwell, singer (Haitian mother)
Trina McGee-Davis, actress
MC Tee, rapper/cofounder of Mantronix
Pastor Troy, rapper
Pras, rapper/actor, founded The Fugees


Linda Marc, public health researcher


Josmer Altidore, soccer player, Hull City FC
D’Anthony Batiste, professional American football player
Andre Berto, professional boxer
Gosder Cherilus, Detroit Lions offensive tackle
Antonio Cromartie, professionalfootball player for the San Diego Chargers
Quincy Douby, NBA basketball player[
Mario Elie, Former Houston Rockets guard
Pierre Garçon, Indianapolis Colts, Wide receiver
Max Jean-Gilles, Philadelphia Eagles offensive guard
Rashad Jeanty, professional American football player
Davin Joseph, professional American football player
William Joseph, New York Giants defensive tackle
Jerrod Laventure, soccer player, forward (striker) for Red Bull New York
Vernand Morency, professional American football player
Steve Octavien, professional American football player
Olden Polynice, Former Utah Jazz NBA player
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, professionalfootball player for the Arizona Cardinal
Jonathan Vilma, New Orleans Saints

Political figures

Ronald Brise, Florida House of Representative, District 108
Josaphat Celestin, mayor of North Miami, Florida from 2001- 2005
Alix Desulme, City Clerk for North Miami, Florida
Philippe Derose, North Miami Beach councilman
Mathieu Eugene, New York City councilman
Linda Dorcena Forry, Massachusetts State Representative
Patrick Gaspard, Director of the White House Office of Political Affairs (2009-Present)
Jean L. Jeudy, New Hampshire State Representative
Pierre-Richard Prosper, ambassador
Kwame Raoul, Illinois State Senator
Yolly Roberson, Florida State Representative, District 104
Marie St. Fleur, Massachusetts State Representative


Edwidge Danticat, renowned author

Other personalities

Lylah M. Alphonse, news editor
Jean-Michel Basquiat, artist
Patrick Dorismond, notable police abuse victim
Kendall Francois, notorious serial killer
Abner Louima, notable police abuse victim
Marjorie Vincent, Miss America 1991

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